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Water is Trendy
Thanks to the efforts of many great charities, providing clean water has become, well, somewhat trendy…and we love seeing that trend continue! Well Done has been transforming lives with clean water in Liberia for years, and to date, we have provided clean water to tens of thousands of people! Let's continue this trend. Help us “trends-form” lives today!
Well Done
"(adj.) carried out successfully." Well Done is a non-profit organization addressing poverty issues like unsafe water, improper sanitation, hunger, and homelessness in Liberia, Africa. Learn more about how we are successfully transforming lives in Liberia or make a donation.
Will You Go to Bed Hungry Tonight?
925 million people around the world will. Almost all of them, in developing countries. Well Done's Daily Bread Program is helping one orphan at a time go to bed without hunger pangs. For $1 per day, you can feed a child
Shelter: A Basic Human Necessity.
We believe everyone deserves a place to call home. For some, home is a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath house. For others, it’s a mud hut. Yet, for others, home is wherever they can find shelter for the night. Well Done is working to provide adequate shelter for the homeless, particularly the disabled who have little, if any chance of ever having somewhere they can call home.
The Problem with Water
Nearly 1 billion people lack access to clean water and proper sanitation. That’s one out of every 8 people. Almost three times the population of the United States. Learn how Well Done is addressing this issue in Liberia.
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The Latest News

In The Works

Well Done recently received a generous donation that enables us to begin building the foundation of the brand new Chariot High School in Buchanan, Liberia. Stay posted for updates and photos as we progress in the construction of this new facility!

Completed Projects

We have recently completed a six-stall latrine at Chariot Daycare & Elementary School in Korduah Community, Liberia. This facility goes a long way toward helping us in our efforts to create an environment where health can prosper. Additionally, the sanitation facility improves the learning environment for over 250 students!

  • The WDO Model

    Well Done Donation Model

    100% of your donation goes to Well Done project(s) in Liberia! Because of contributions by private donors, 100% of your donation goes directly towards a project in Liberia.