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Well Done Liberia

How To Help

There are lots of ways you can help give clean water, sanitation, food and shelter to Liberians.
Check out these ideas! Have an idea? We’d love to hear it.

Give the Gift of Water


Instead of asking for presents for your birthday, ask your friends to give $20 on your behalf to Well Done. Tell them this is a cause you believe in and would rather they give the gift of water than buy you a present.

Garage Sale to Raise Funds

Advertise your neighborhood’s garage sale as a “Charity Garage Sale” with the proceeds going directly towards sponsoring a clean water well in Liberia.

Give Up a Few Lattes for Water

Give up a latte or two a week and set that money aside to help someone in Liberia get clean water. Think of it, if a latte costs about $2.50 (probably a little more), that’s clean water for one person for years!

Sponsor a Well Project

A well costs about $2,500 to build and maintain. Sound like a lot? Not when you think of it in terms of price-per-beneficiary. Some of the wells we have installed provide safe drinking water to more than 1000(!) people. Simple math…$2.50 per person. Doesn’t sound like so much anymore does it?

If you would like to sponsor a well project, we will be happy to provide you a picture of the completed project for you to display. You can then be reminded of the hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people you helped get clean water (your friends will think you’re pretty cool too!).