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    100% of Donations to Liberia, 100% of the time! Because of contributions by private donors, 100% of your donation goes directly towards a project in Liberia.

Clean Water Transforms

Millions of hours are spent every year in Africa walking for water, and most of these hours are spent by women and children.

Instead of taking care of more meaningful tasks at home, women walk for water.

Time-Wasting Walks

Instead of attending class and better preparing themselves for the future, children are home sick. Unsafe water has a devastating result on a community and is particularly harmful to the most vulnerable, children.

Where Are the Children? Walking for Water.

By introducing clean water from a centrally located well, children stay in school, women are free to tend to their families, the chances of contracting a water-borne disease are drastically reduced and dignity is restored. This is true transformation.

Your gift will truly transform a life. Consider giving clean water today.