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  • Donation Model

    100% of Donations to Liberia, 100% of the time! Because of contributions by private donors, 100% of your donation goes directly towards a project in Liberia.



Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes, your donation is tax deductible. Well Done Organization is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity, (tax ID#26-2761337) which allows for your donation to be deducted. You will be sent a receipt for your tax records.

How much of my donation is used for projects in Liberia?
A: 100% of your donation is used for projects in Liberia. Our donation model explains how we are able to use your entire donation to fund projects in Liberia.

Can I make a donation over the phone?
Yes, you can call 206-349-1574 to make a credit card donation over the phone. Please have the following information available: A. Name and Number on Card B. Card Expiration Date and Card Code (three-digit code on reverse of card) C. Billing Address Please do not leave any information if you reach a voicemail recording. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Well Construction

How long does it take to dig a well?
On average, the entire process takes about a 3-4 weeks. The concrete culverts, or casings that line the well walls, need two weeks to cast and dry. Once they are fully cured, they are ready to be lowered into the ground. The rest of the process, which includes the digging, masonry and pump installation usually takes one to two weeks.

How many people drink from one well?
The number of beneficiaries has ranged from about 300 to over 1000.

How much does one well cost to build?
A well costs $2,500 to build. The majority of this figure goes towards the hard costs of building the well, i.e. materials, transportation and labor. However, a portion of the $2500 is set aside for on-going maintenance, including light repairs and frequent water treatments.

How is a well installed?
Well Done uses our team in Liberia to identify areas that are in greatest need of a clean water source. We consider the current water source being used, the village’s access to clean water, number of beneficiaries and we require a commitment by the village elders that they will ensure the well is left open during the day, locked at night and that it is protected from thieves and vandals.
A location is decided on and our technicians dig the well by hand, using picks and shovels.Locate and Dig the Well

Culverts (well wall casings) are cast and reinforced with wire mesh.
Casting the Culverts

Once water is reached, it is pumped out to allow the technician to dig deeper. When the appropriate depth is reached, the culverts are lowered down to protect the sidewalls from collapsing.
Lowering Culverts

The joints between culverts are then sealed. Sand and gravel are poured into the bottom of the well to filter the water as it percolates from the ground.
Culverts are then Sealed

An apron is built to carry spilled water away from the base of the well.
Puring Apron is Poured

A pump is installed and the bolts securing the pumphead are welded to prevent thieves from stealing it.
The Pumphead is Welded

The pump is locked and the keys handed over to the village elders during the dedication ceremony.
Turn Over the Well to the Village

After the project is complete, Well Done carries out a regular inspection of the well. It is very important to us that the well serves the people for years to come. Please consider helping us as we continue to provide clean water for people in Liberia. Just click the tab below or visit our Donate page for more giving options. $25 is all it takes to give 10 people clean water for years!

Child Sponsorship

Does my child receive my donation directly?
The sponsorship program is designed to benefit the entire student body. So your gift will benefit more than just your child! In addition, you will still receive information and a photograph of your child. Well Done wants every child to receive the same assistance as their fellow classmates.