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Well Done Liberia
  • Donation Model

    100% of Donations to Liberia, 100% of the time! Because of contributions by private donors, 100% of your donation goes directly towards a project in Liberia.

Meet the Team

Daryl "Darl" Finley, III

Daryl Finley, Founder
Daryl (“Darl”) founded Well Done after a visit to Liberia in early 2007. Daryl has worked for the Seattle Fire Department for over 15 years and holds a Bachelors of Science in Management from the University of Phoenix. Daryl lives in Lake Stevens, Washington with his wife and three children.

Herb Collingridge, IV

Herb Collingridge IV, Graphic Designer
Herb serves as the chief web and graphic designer for Well Done. He holds an Associates of Arts degree from Seattle Central Community College and is Principal of his graphic design company The 4ourth Design. Herb lives in Richland, WA with his wife and a couple of blueberry plants.

Rich Hanson

Rich Hanson, Major Donor/Donor Relations
Rich serves as representative of Well Done to donors and major contributors. He holds a degree in music from the University of Washington and has extensive experience as a worship leader, guitar instructor and performer. He also owns his own music school, Lakeview Music. Rich lives in Marysville, Washington with his wife and two daughters.

Prince B. Kondoh, Chief Liberia Representative/Projects Manager
Prince Kondoh serves as Well Done’s primary representative and projects manager in Liberia. Mr. Kondoh has been with Well Done since day one and oversees all of the organization’s activities in Liberia. Prince Kondoh lives in Buchanan, Liberia where he also pastors a church, runs an elementary school and builds furniture to sell.

Joseph Yanker, Secretary, WDO -Liberia
Joseph Yanker has been with Well Done from the beginning and serves as secretary for our operations in Liberia. Brother Joe compiles all project reports, meets with village elders and serves as an administrator at Chariot Daycare & Elementary, a school that Well Done partners with in the Child Sponsorship Program.