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Child Sponsorships

Well Done Organization’s Child Sponsorship Program is designed to help students of Chariot Daycare and Elementary School in Liberia obtain the education they need for a better future. Many parents cannot afford the tuition, yet hope for their child to be allowed to attend. Instead of turning the children away and depriving them of the opportunity to receive a quality education, the Child Sponsorship Program helps offset this shortfall by providing funds to cover the expenses of educating the children.

Child sponsorship is a collective program designed to benefit all students of Chariot Daycare and Elementary School. Though you will be given information about the child you sponsor, and he or she will indeed benefit from you sponsoring them, the entire student body benefits from your donations. This way, no student is unfairly excluded from the sponsorship program, and the entire student body as a whole benefits.

In addition to education, the children are provided a uniform and basic education in safe water usage and proper hygiene. Uniforms are culturally expected attire for children while attending school in Liberia.  These uniforms help distinguish the grades and age groups.

Chariot School Kids

Currently all of the students in the Child Sponsorship Program have been sponsored. If you would like to sponsor a child, please contact us and tell us!  We will inform you of new children needing sponsors as we add students to our program. Thank you for your interest!